The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft: 2b2t

Even though Minecraft has been out for more than a decade now, it is still one of the biggest and most popular games in the world, having one of the biggest active player bases month after month. Of course, one of the reasons why Minecraft is so popular is that it gives the players the best creative experience that they can find anywhere in a videogame.

The game allows players to create their own servers as well. In these servers, players can set whatever rules and conditions they want. Among the popular server styles, there are the anarchy servers, and we can’t talk about Minecraft anarchy servers without talking about 2b2t. So, let’s talk first about what an anarchy server is and then dive into 2b2t!

Note: it is impossible to talk about 2b2t withou mentioning FitMc. Fit is a YouTuber and he can be considered by all means the 2b2t historian, he has been documenting the most important events happened in the server since its creation back in 2010. In this introduction to 2b2t I will share some of his videos to give you a more enjoyable and complete experience.

Minecraft Anarchy Servers

Anarchy servers in Minecraft have one rule: there are no rules. These kinds of servers allow the players to do anything they want, in many cases they even allow the players to cheat.

There are many things you have to worry about in these servers, and chances are you won’t survive alone, so you’ll need to make friends, form alliances, and try to hide all your items and resources to keep them safe. In anarchy servers, it is a wild word, and you are both hunter and prey. Now, among the Anarchy servers, the most infamous one is called 2b2t. So, let’s talk about this server!


We cannot talk about 2b2t without mentioning that it is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. This phrase, “the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft”, has become quite a meme in the 2b2t community, because it’s with this line that the YouTuber FitMc starts every 2b2t video.

Its name (2b2t) stands for 2builders2tools, which was apparently a parody of 2Fast2Furious. The server was created back in 2010, and it’s been running for over a decade now. The server was created before than the first Alpha release of Minecraft in 2011 (see more in How old is Minecraft?), but it wasn’t used to play Minecraft before 2011. The server actually started as a Garry’s mod server.

Even just taking a quick look at the 2b2t subreddit will give you an idea of what it is all about. The users are usually talking about the recent events and the wars going on between players. There are many clans and factions that hold control of the server, and they are constantly going off against each other. But if there’s something that traditionally unites 2b2t players, is to hunt for new players that dare to venture into the server.

This hate against new players was particularly significant in 2016, when the server was flooded with new players after a famous YouTuber, TheCampingRusher, uploaded a video showing the server to his vast following.

Other than being hostile to new players, 2b2t is known to be populated by the most toxic playerbase. Blasphemy and glorification of controversial themes are the daily routine. Veteran players sometimes can also go as far as harming other players accounts and even “fishing” for personal data (and who knows what they will do with this data afterwards). This is why 2b2t is one of the most ruthless, hardcore, and intense servers in the whole Minecraft World. So, new players beware, you’ve been warned.

Now, even though a new player may decide for some reason that they want a piece of this madness, there are some things worth knowing before venturing there, the first one being the Spawn Point.

2b2t Spawn Point

Close your eyes and think about how a new single player Minecraft world looks like when you start playing in it. 2b2t was no different… more than 10 years ago. Now, after more than a decade of players manipulations, 2b2t Spawn Point is a barren conglomerate of Cobblestone mountains populated by Withers.

You will not find a single block of Grass, or a tree, let alone anything that could help you survive. It will be very difficult to find wood, and in Minecraft no wood means no tools and no crafting in general. In fact, the biggest problem that new players have to face when they join 2b2t is how to get out of the Spawn area, where they are only destined to die of starvation. Remember what we said about veterans not liking new players? The Spawn area is the perfect showcase of this sentiment.

Throughout the years, veterans came up with countless original ideas on how to make the Spawn as difficult as possible for new players. That’s why they created the wall of Lava, the water Cube, the Obsidian Sky and Obsidian wall (you can check here other notable Spawn structures).

Other than these structures, you will find many veteran players around the Spawn Point. More often than not, those players will spend their time hunting for newbies. This is why you should never ask for help either, as chances are you will end up in an even worse situation.

Many players think that it is fondamental to use a hack client to escape the Spawn area and to survive in 2b2t in general. As we already mentioned, everything is allowed here, and not using an hack client (which will let you benefit from many different hacks) will put you in a significant disadvantage. Now, just using a hacked client isn’t enough to be able to really get into the game. It is also best if you could find a group of players to ally with. And that takes us to the next important topic.

Player bases and megabases

What is important to remember is that in 2b2t nothing is forever. Griefing (i.e. destroying other players buildings and structures) is the most common practice in the server. You will never find an intact building close to Spawn Point, because as soon as a player sees something standing they will already be gathering TNT to blow it up.

When you build something in 2b2t, the best way to preserve it is to not have ANYBODY that you don’t know near it. The coordinates of a building are the most sacred information. Once other players find out where your base is, you can start packing your bags, because they are already coming to destroy it.

This is why many players team up with others. In 2b2t players often form new alliances and focus together their effort to start building a base. These bases represent a safe haven where players can put together their buildings and gather resources together. As long as the players of a base trust each other and don’t share their base coordinates, they can consider themselves safe.

Remember that in these cases, if you’re making a team you need to make sure you know and trust the other players that will share the base with you, and this is why it’s best to keep the numbers small, but the alliances strong.

Through the years veteran players have found many different ways to get coordinates of other players bases. Some of these ways were even illegal, and they’ve gone as far as hacking other users computers to gather the data. Yes, I can’t stress it enough, but playing in 2b2t can be pretty ruthless, so new players beware.

Countless bases were built and destroyed in 2b2t. The following video shows the most noticeable ones.

Iconic 2b2t players

Throughout the years, many players walked on 2b2t’s lands. Some of them achieved great (sometimes terrible) things. Let’s quickly see some of the most famous ones.

  • Jaang: he joined the server in 2011, known for creating the Valley of Wheat. The Valley of Wheat was relatively close to Spawn, so it was a good place to get food for new players struggling to get out of the Spawn area. The base was famous for having Jaang constantly protecting it, he would allow players to gather resources there as long as they replanted. The Valley of Wheat was destroyed by Rushers in 2016, two years after Jaang left the server.
  • popbob: on the server since the early days back in 2011, she became the most infamous player of 2b2t. In her most active years, she used to get advantage of the thunder exploit to find and kill as many players as she could, while also griefing their bases. It is believed she has griefed more bases than any other player in the entire server, popbob has been without a doubt the most feared name on 2b2t.
  • Hausemaster: the founder of the server. Even though his real name has never been revealed, he’s given interviews about the server, and how it all started. Funny enough, this wasn’t even a Minecraft server, but rather a Garry’s Mod one. Hausemaster never took side in 2b2t and he intervened only when something that could threaten the server’s playability was taking place.
  • TheCampingRusher: the YouTuber that made 2b2t famouse. Even if FitMc regularly uploaded videos on YouTube since the early years of 2b2t, it was only after TheCampingRusher joined the server that it started becoming known among people that weren’t already playing in it. His joining started the Rushers Invasion and the following war between Rushers and Veterans that changed 2b2t forever. TheCampingRusher is definitely disliked by the majority of the long time players, but it is undeniable that his arrival on 2b2t was also beneficial in many ways.

How to join 2b2t

If you still think that joining this server could be a good idea, just do as follows:

  • open the Minecraft Launcher
  • select and launch Minecraft 1.12.2 version
  • on the starting menu click on Multiplayer
  • click on Direct Connect
  • type and join

Be aware that there is usually an incredibly long waiting queue for joining the server (it wasn’t this way before TheCampingRusher arrived). We’re talking about hours of waiting time. If you want to skip the queue and play as soon as you connect, you can purchase a monthly priority queue for 19.99$ here.

Whether you purchase priority or not, after joining the server you will find yourself in the desolation of the Spawn Point. Good luck, you will need it!