Can Villagers open Fence Gates?

We know it, Villagers in Minecraft like to walk around and explore the surroundings. That can become a problem when you want to keep your Villagers safe and close for trading with them. If you are looking for a way to keep them around (without surrounding them with stone walls) maybe you are wondering:
can Villagers open Fence Gates?

Can villagers open fence gates?

Villagers interactions with doors and gates

If you want to build an area dedicated to Villagers (where they can live and be ready for you to trade with them) you will probably want to be able to access this area. A Wooden Door is the first option that comes to mind, but it would be a poor choice since Villagers can open it.

Fence Gates, on the other hand, are probably the best solution. Villagers can’t open them, so they’ll be perfect to keep them from going everywhere while leaving you free to come and go as you like. Fence Gates also have another advantage: Zombies can’t break them.

How to craft Fence Gates

To craft one Fence Gates you will need 4 Planks of any kind of wood.

First use two blocks to make Sticks.

Minecraft sticks crafting

Then Use the Sticks and the remaining 2 Planks to craft the Fence Gates.

Minecraft fence gates crafting

Fence Gates are one of the items you can use to start crawling in Minecraft Java edition.

Can Villagers open Trapdoors?

Fence Gates aren’t the only object that Villagers can’t interact with. Villagers can’t open Trapdoors, so you can also use them to restrain them in a particular area. They can’t use Iron Doors either, so if you decide to use Iron Doors, you want to make sure that only players will be able to open them. Trapdoors in particular are a very good option for keeping them from using Ladders (if you’re not familiar with the problem, you can check the article Can villagers climb ladders?).


If you want to know something more about Fence Gates, here there’s an interesting video about the topic.

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