How long does it take for Villagers to restock?

Updated to 1.20

Trading can be incredibly handy in Minecraft, but the probem is that the Villagers can run out of a particular item after you purchase it too many times.

To have that item available again, you have to wait for the Villager to restock. A Villager will go to their profession block to restock all their offer. Villagers usually restock twice every in-game day.

Is this going to stop you? Of course not! Today we are here to see how to re-enable out of stock trades, how long it takes for villagers to restock, how trading works and how to reset trades. Let’s start!

How long does it take for villagers to restock?

How to re-enable out of stock trades

You can do every trade option that you see offered by a Villager a certain maximum amount of times. When you reach that amount of times, you will see a red cross on that particular trade option and you will not be able to do that trade again.

out of stock trades minecraft

This happens when the item offered by that trade goes out of stock.

To have that item be available again, you have to wait for the Villager to restock. A Villager goes to their profession block to restock all their offers: this is important, because if a Villager doesn’t have a profession block, this Villager will never be able to restock.

Villagers usually restock twice every in-game day.

Restocking depends on random ticks, so you can have your Villagers restock more quickly by changing the random ticks speed.

You will need to use the commands to change the random tick speed. To use commands you will need to have cheats allowed in your Minecraft world. If cheats are not allowed in your world, there is a workaround. You can check here how to still use cheats in that Minecraft world.

If cheats are allowed, you will need to change the random tick speed from 3 (the default random tick speed) to a higher value.
For example, for setting the speed to 1000, you’ll need to type:

 /gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000.

Changin the random tick speed also works for making anything grow faster, so crops like Sugar Cane and even animals like Turtles for example. You can also set the Random Tick Speed to 0 to make everything stop from growing., it is one of the 4 ways to freeze time in Minecraft.

Keep in mind that every time that an an available item gets restocked, its price will increase. So you should try to wait for the Villager to restock before running out of a particular item.

Why are my Villagers not restocking in Minecraft?

Villagers require two thing for restocking: profession items and Bed. Every Villager needs their own, so make sure that for every Villager there is one Bed and one profession item.

How trading works

When you right-click on a Villager (not considering Unemployed Villagers, which will only make a noise in response to you clicking on them) you will be able to trade with them through this window:

villager trades minecraft

Villagers will either give you various items in exchange of Emeralds or give you Emeralds in exchange of various items. The availabe trades will depend on the Villager’s profession, which will depend itself on the profession block associated with that Villager. You will often see the profession block of a Villager inside their house.

villager profession block minecraft
a Lectern inside a Librarian’s house

The professions (and their respective profession blocks) are:

Every time that you complete a trade with a Villager, they will get experience:

villager experience minecraft
you can see the experience bar under “Farmer-Novice”

Every time that their experience bar is full, they will level up. A Villager always starts as a Novice, and by leveling up they can become:

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Expert
  • Master

Every level will unlock new trades. You can see all the available trades here.

How to reset trades

We already covered this topic in details in How to reset Villager trades in Minecraft?.


A Villager will restock twice every in-game day. You can make them restock faster by changing the random tick speed. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!