How to actually breed Parrots in Minecraft

I wasn’t sure about writing this article. I don’t like to write when there is not much to say, but this particular topic is different.
If I search “how to breed parrots in minecraft” on Google, the first page of search results will be flooded with false information. So let me clarify:
in vanilla Minecraft (i.e. without plugins or addons installed) you cannot breed Parrots and there is nothing like baby Parrots.

There are ways to have more Parrots, but you are only going to waste your time if you try the following suggestions:

  • giving Cookies to Parrots you want to breed. They will actually die if you do it. This also happens in real life, since real parrots are unable to process some of the ingredients inside cookies. Mojang probably wanted to educate children on this subject.
  • trying every possible combination of colors. Your Parrots color won’t change anything, there are no baby Parrots in the game as it is.

So let’s see what you can actually do if you really want to have more Parrots.

how to breed parrots in minecraft

Parrot Spawn Eggs

The first way to have more Parrots requires you to play in Creative mode. You can’t find Parrot Eggs in any other gamemode. If you are playing in Survival or Hadcore mode and the Cheats are allowed, you can type in the commands:

/gamemode creative

to switch to Creative. Now all you need to do is to open your inventory and type “Parrot” to find the Parrot Spawn Egg.

minecraft parrot spawn egg

Just place it on the ground and a Parrot will appear where you clicked.


For using this method you will need to have the Cheats allowed as well. If you do, just type in the commands:

/summon parrot

and a Parrot will immediately appear in front of you.


This may be what you are looking for. By installing this simple addon there will finally be baby Parrots in your Minecraft game. The addon is available here

Once you have it installed, you will be able to breed Parrots just by feeding 2 of them that are close to each other and that are already tamed.

Once fed, red hearts particles will appear around the two Parrots and a baby Parrot will be born!

How to tame a Parrot

To tame a Parrot you need to feed it with one of the following seeds:

Every time that you feed them one of these seeds, you will have a 1/3 chance of taming them. When this happens, red hearts particle will appear around them.

minecraft tame parrot