Is Aternos Safe? [2023]

Aternos is safe and reliable even though it is free. So if you are a parent wishing to learn more about Aternos or if you are a Minecraft enthusiast looking to start your server, you’re in the right place. 

is aternos safe

What Is Aternos?

Aternos is a popular Minecraft hosting platform that allows users to create personalized Minecraft servers for free. That is one of Aternos’s biggest plus points, as players always look for a reliable and free option to satisfy their gaming needs.

Even though Minecraft server hosting won’t cost you an arm and a leg, having a free option is always appreciated, especially by gamers, because most of the Minecraft player base comprises children and pre-teens. And needless to say, children and teens are unlikely to have access to a significant sum of money to spend on gaming. 

Again, when a product or service is free, people often assume it has flaws or issues. However, Aternos, despite being a free option, does not compromise when it comes to functionality and service. They may not be on the top 10 lists on the internet, but they are well on their way there. 

Aternos Overview

The motto of Aternos is “Minecraft servers. Free. Forever“. And that says a lot about Aternos. Currently, they have almost 78 million users with a minimum of 1 million players daily.

What Does Aternos Offer

  • It is free to use forever
  • It has an easy setup process, as simple as it gets
  • Its ability to customize and design
  • It offers an SMP mode
  • It has a wide range of mods and plugins
  • It offers customized domains
  • It offers limitless slots
  • It offers safety from DDOS attacks
  • It offers account and progress backup options
  • They offer customer support
  • They offer unlimited slots 
  • They have efficient sharing options

Things to Consider About Aternos 

According to reviews from users of Aternos:

  • It is somewhat laggy
  • Pings are too high
  • Inconsistent up-times
  • Unreliable support
  • Loss of data and progress
  • Long waiting queues 

What Do Gamers Look for In a Server Hosting  Service?

Choosing between many Minecraft server hosting options can overwhelm new and inexperienced players. So to help you make better and smarter decisions, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a server hosting brand:

  • Server Location

Server location is a crucial thing that many gamers often need to pay more attention to, especially the new and inexperienced ones. You might be wondering, hey, why does it matter? Well, the answer to that is very simple. 

The closer a server is to the players playing on it, the better the overall experience will be for everyone.

For instance, having a server close by or separate servers for various regions means that the players using those server(s) will have a better playing experience. They will be able to play lag-free games with low pings resulting in epic and legendary Youtube-worthy moments and outplays!

Those of us who play online games can easily understand the importance of this and a stable internet connection.

  • Beefy Specs

This should be pretty self-explanatory, as the more juiced up a hosting provider is, the smoother the user experience will be. We all understand the difference between a potato pc and a capable one, and that rule also applies to Minecraft server hosting services.

  • Convenience 

Let’s face it, setting up and maintaining a server is a challenging task. You will need a lot of technical knowledge for this, and wouldn’t you rather be playing instead of spending time maintaining the server? Luckily for us gamers, the hosting companies usually take care of this so we can spend our time on more pressing matters like chasing alpacas on Minecraft!

  • Mods and Plugins

Well, this one is a no-brainer! The sole reason players play on custom servers is to make the game more exciting, not that Minecraft is boring or anything, but the normal vanilla Minecraft is limited in the number of things they can do. 

When a game becomes old, it gets repetitive and, to some extent, even boring. This is where mods and plugins come in. Mods and plugins allow individuals to bring elements to the game that change the game’s flavor and revitalize it. 

So always opt for servers with a wider array of available mods and plugins. Also, you should check their options to implement and integrate your custom mods of plugins or from other servers.

  • Security and Service

Anything we do online is prone to cyber-attacks and hacking. In the case of Minecraft servers and hosting, they are common victims of DDOS attacks. 

DDOS attacks can be frustrating as it causes servers to overload and, eventually, the servers crash. So players and server creators are always looking for secure hosting platforms.

Service is also another point of concern for gamers. Gamers often experience technical difficulties, bugs, in-game problems, and much more. So when the hosting platform has an active and efficient customer service system, it automatically makes them much more reliable and helps them stand out from their competitors.

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