How to get and grow MORE Jungle Saplings in Minecraft

Updated to 1.20

Jungle Saplings are hard to get. Many players like Giant Jungle Trees, perfect for building a tree house, but struggle to get Saplings from Jungle biomes and make them grow elsewhere.

Today we are here to see where to get Jungle Saplings, why they are difficult to get, how to grow them (incudeing the giant version) and how to make them grow faster. Let’s start!

jungle minecraft

Where to get Jungle Saplings

You can get Jungle Sapling from Jungle Trees. You can find Jungle Trees in 3 biomes:

  • Bamboo Jungle
  • Jungle
  • Sparse Jungle

If you can’t find any of these biomes, you can use the locate biome command. To use commands you will need to have cheats allowed in your Minecraft world. If cheats are not allowed in your world, there is a workaround. You can check here how to still use cheats in that Minecraft world.

To find for example a Jungle, you just need to open the commands and type:

/locate biome minecraft:jungle

And you’ll see a message appearing with the coordinates ot the closest Jungle.


Now what you have to do to get there is just closing the gap between your coordinates (that you can see by pressing F3) and the coordinates of the biome that you want to go to.

minecraft coordinates
F3 coordinates

Why are Jungle Saplings difficult to get?

When you break a Leaves block (bare hands or using any tool except Shears) there is usually a 5% chance that it will drop a Sapling. Jungle Leaves have instead a 2.5% chance of dropping a Sapling when they break. The percentages are the same when Leaves decay after the trunk is gone.

jungle sapling minecraft

This makes Jungle Saplings much more difficult to get than any other Sapling. Being the percentages this low, if you cut down an entire Jungle forest you will probably not be able to replace all the Jungle Trees with the Saplings that you obtained.

The only way to get more Jungle Saplings is by using a Fortune enchanted tool, which will increase the chances of getting a Sapling when breaking a Jungle Leaves block:

  • Fortune I: 2.78% chance
  • Fortune II: 3.12%
  • Fortune III: 4.17%


You can also get Jungle Saplings by trading with a Wanderer Trader. To know more about them, you can check the video below.

How to get it – commands

You can also get a Jungle Sapling by using commands. To do so, you need to open the commands and type:

/give @p junge_sapling 1

If you want more than 1, you can change the “1” in the commands with the desired amount.

How to grow a Jungle Tree and a Giant Jungle Tree

Like every other Minecraft tree, if you want to grow a Jungle Tree you can place a Jungle Sapling on a Dirt block. Other than Dirt blocks, which are the most common ones, you can also plant Jungle Trees on:

Once the Sapling is placed, it will need light to grow. It needs a light level of 9, so a simple Torch placed 1 block away will be more than enough (related topic: Torch Spacing in Minecraft).

It will also need space to grow, so make sure that there are no other blocks around where the top of the tree will be in a 3 blocks radius. This needs to be from the bottom to at least 5 blocks above. You can place blocks around the Sapling though, like the Torch that we mentioned before, they will not interfer with the grow.

jungle tree
Empty space needed for Jungle Trees to grow

If you want to grow a Giant Jungle Tree, you will need to use 4 Saplings. In this case it will need a 6 blocks radius of empty space from the bottom to at least 11 cubes of height.

Also, Giant Jungle Trees don’t grow if there is any adjacent block around the 4 Saplings. So, if you are putting Torches around the Saplings, make sure to leave at least a 1 block gap.

giant jungle tree saplings
With the 1 block gap, the Saplings will grow with no problem

How to make Saplings grow faster

To speed up the process, you can give Bone Meal to the Sapling (If you want to know more about Bone Meal and how to use it as Dye you can check All the white blocks in Minecraft).

You can also make it grow faster by increasing the random tick speed: you’ll have to use the commands and change it from 3 (the default random tick speed) to a higher value.
For example, for setting the speed to 1000, you’ll need to type:

 /gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000.

This method works for making anything grow faster, even animals like Turtles for example. You can also set the Random Tick Speed to 0 to make everything stop from growing. It is one of the 4 ways to freeze time in Minecraft.


Jungle Saplings are twice as rare as all the other Saplings in Minecraft, because of their lower drop chance. If you want to get more of them you should break Jungle Leaves with a Fortune enchanted tool. Like Spruce Trees, Jungle Trees have their giant version that you can grow using 4 Saplings. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!