I know what you are probably thinking: “why is there an how to make money online section on a website about Minecraft?”. Well, that’s because a good chunk of my monthly income comes from this website.

Unless you have an ad blocker installed on your browser, you should be seeing ads around here. That’s how I make money online.

I put ads on this website for the first time in February 2022, and in the first month I made 14$. In August 2022 I made 550$ and in September I made 770$. And, as I’m writing this, the website has only 103 post published, so it wasn’t exctly a daunting task to put it together. Plus, more articles=more traffic, so I can easily see this website making twice that amount of money in a few months from now if I publish more content.

To be able to achieve this extra income, I only had to put 1 hour of work per day into this, weekends excluded. And the best part is that if I don’t feel like working on my website for a couple of weeks, or even months, people will still visit my website and I will still earn money from the ads. This is not exactly passive income, but it is very close.

This for me is not enough to quit my job and start doing it full time, but it is a nice extra cash that I earn each month.

I’m now about to launch a new website where I will basically explain how anybody (literally anybody) can do this. It is very simple, so I will try to explain it in a short free course.

The website is not ready yet, and at the moment I’m just monitoring this page to see how much traffic it gets. I will update this section soon.