Minecraft Bonus Chest: everything you need to know about it

Updated to 1.20

What is a Bonus Chest? Last time that you created a new Minecraft world, you probably noticed the Bonus Chest option in the creation menu. Today we are going to see what this Bonus Chest is, how to get it, the Bonus Chest content and if you should use this feature or not. Let’s start.

What is the Bonus Chest?

The Bonus Chest is a regular Chest that you will find in front of you when you start a new Minecraft world. Inside this Chest you can find some starting items and blocks that will help you in the first minutes of your game and to maybe survive your first night.

It is basically a starting kit, mostly meant to help new players in their first game. There will always be only one Bonus Chest in a new Minecraft world, it doesn’t matter how many players are playing in the world.

How to get the Bonus Chest

Note: the Bonus Chest is not available for Hardcore difficulty worlds.

To get the Bonus Chest you need to turn ON the Bonus Chest option when you create a new world. This means that you can’t get the Bonus Chest if you are playing in a world that had this option turned OFF when it was created.

To turn ON the Bonus Chest option you first have to create a new world. From the starting menu:

minecraft starting menu

select Singleplayer. Now you will be in the Select World menu.

minecraft select world

Then click on Create New World.

minecraft create new world

From here, click on More World Options.

bonus chest option

And set the Bonus Chest tab on ON. Now when you create this new world and start playing in it, you will find the Bonus Chest in front of you.

bonus chest

Bonus Chest content

bonus chest content

Inside the Bonus Chest you can find the following items:

What items of the list and how many of them will be in the Chest is decided randomly. Other than these items, up to 4 Torches (related topic: Minecraft Torch spacing) will spawn around the Chest.

minecraft bonus chest

Should you use the Bonus Chest?

It is up to you if you want to use the Bonus Chest or not. It is meant to help inexperienced players, but even if you are more navigated you could take advantage of it, if you don’t want to waste time looking around for the same items.

It is worth saying that obtaining these starting items by yourself will take just a couple of minutes, so the advantage given by this feature will not change your game much.


This is all you need to know about the Bonus Chest, a simple staring kit that you can choose to have when starting a new Minecraft world. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!