Farming food in Minecraft

This is chapter 6 of the Minecraft Basics Guide

Now that your little temporary base is set, let’s plant some food. There are many options in Minecraft: Potateos, Carrots, Melons. But you need to find them before planting them.

If you haven’t find any of these, Wheat is your best shot, it’s very easy to find it. In fact, all you have to do is hitting the Grass that you see on the ground.

minecraft grass

Eventually, some of the Grass will drop Wheat Seeds.

minecraft wheat seed

What you need to do is to take a 9×9 Dirt area and turn it into Farmland with a Hoe.

minecraft 9x9 farmland

In the centre, dig one block and pour water in it. This way, the Farmland blocks which are up to 4 blocks away (that’s why I said to do a 9×9 area) will turn wet , which is necessary for growing Wheat and other vegetables.

minecraft wet farmland

Then, plant the Wheat Seeds by right-clicking on the Farmland.

minecraft planted wheat seeds

Last touch, put some Torches around the area. This way the Wheat will grow at night as well, thanks to the light. Now you just have to wait until the Wheat turns yellow. It will looks like this:

minecraft ripe wheat

At this point you can hit it: it will drop Wheat and Wheat Seeds. You can plant again the Wheat Seeds, to produce more Wheat, and you can put Wheat on the Crafting Table to craft Bread.

minecraft bread recipe

Now you can eat the Bread to restore some of your Hunger Bar. Carrots and Potatoes can be farmed the same way, so just follow the same pattern if you want to grow some.

That’s it for this chapter. Now you will be able to produce plenty of food and gather resources in order to continue your adventure in Minecraft!

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