Is there a player only Pressure Plate in Minecraft?

Updated to 1.20

When you’re building a house or any kind of base in Minecraft you want to access it the easiest way possible, so that you can come and go quickly. Wooden doors are definitely an easy solution, but not an efficient one: Zombies can break them easily and Villagers open them without problem (this matters only if you have villagers in your building, in which case you should consider other solutions to keep your Villagers movements under control).

An Iron Door is a far better solution, since it can’t be broken by Zombies and can’t be open manually by Villagers. If it is connected to a Pressure Plate though, also mobs and Villagers (other than players) can open it by walking on the plate. So, is there a player only pressure plate in Minecraft?

Minecraft Player only pressure plate


Well, the answer is technically no, there is no pressure plate that only detects players without being activated by mobs. For many years players asked and begged Mojang to add an item with this feature, suggesting it to be craftable using Diamonds, Obsidian, or the more recent Netherite, but their prayers are still unheard.

I’m sorry that I can’t provide what you were looking for, but we can still try to obtain results similar to what a player only pressur plate could do. Let’s see how.


You can use a Button. Mobs or Villagers can’t press Buttons, so only you (and other players) will be able to open the Iron Door connected to it. This is the most common method to open Iron Doors.

To craft a Button you need only one block of either Planks (of any kind of wood), Polished Blackstone, or Stone (not Cobblestone! This means that you will need either to smelt Cobblestone in a Furnace or to use a Silk Touch enchanted Pickaxe to get it).

Minecraft button crafting recipe
Stone Button

To link a Button to an Iron Door you just need to place it on a block next to the door.

Button iron door
Wooden Button linked to the Iron Door

Now you can use the Button by right-clicking on it and it will make the door open for a few seconds before automatically close. As stated before, buttons can’t be activated by mobs or Villagers, but keep in mind that a Wooden Button can be activated by an Arrow fired by a Skeleton. So maybe it would be safer to use a Stone Button.

Redstone switch

You can use a Redstone switch. This way, the door will open normally with the pressure plate, but once you turn off the switch connected to the plate, this will stop working and the door will not open using the pressure plate. So you can enter your house, turn off the switch, and nobody will be able to enter by walking on the pressure plate outside.

How to craft the Redstone switch components

To make a switch you will need a couple of components: a Lever and a Redstone Comparator, other than the Redstone Dust needed to make the circuit, and an Iron Door and the Pressure Plate of course. Let’s see all the recipes for these components.

To make a Lever you will need a Stick and a Cobblestone block.

Minecraft lever crafting recipe

To make a Redstone Comparator you will need 3 Redstone Torches (made with Sticks and Redstone Dust), 3 Stone blocks and a Nether Quartz. To get a Nether Quartz you will need to do a trip to the Nether, where it can be found easily.

Redstone Comparator crafting recipe
Redstone Comparator

The craft a Pressure Plate you will need Stone blocks again:

Minecraft pressure plate crafting recipe
Pressure Plate

And for an Iron Door you will only need Iron Ingots:

Minecraft iron door crafting recipe
Iron Door

How to make the Redstone switch circuit

Ok, now let’s see how to make the circuit that I was talking about. The following screenshot shows the simplest way to put down the circuit, you will probably make it in a different way (with the comparator hidden somewhere for example), but the concepts will be the same.

Player only pressure plate circuit

You can see that the comparator is turned on because one of the three Redstone Torches on top of it is turned on and it’s colored in orange and yellow instead of dark red:

Minecraft comparator
The comparator is turned on

By the color of the Redstone circuit that connects the Lever to the Comparator, you can also tell that the lever is turned on.

Now, when the Lever is turned on, the Redstone Comparator will not transmit the power coming from the Pressure Plate. This way, if you stand on the plate, the door will not open.

On the other hand, if you turn off the Lever, the comparator will transmit the power coming from the Pressure Plate. This means that if you stand on it, the door will open.

So the door will open or not depending on if the Lever is turned on or off. You will probably put the lever inside your house or base.

Now, you probably don’t want this circuit to be seen on your floor or walls, so if you want you can check below a very helpful video tutorial on how to hide your Redstone Circuits.

Video tutorial


So, as we said, there is no player only Pressure Plate unfortunately, but I hope that you still found the informations provided useful for your purposes. So thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!

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