How to get any Spawner in Minecraft (with command)

Updated to 1.20

Mob Spawner can be quite valuable in Minecraft, but finding it is very tedious. While many players prefer to find them randomly while exploring caves, there are moments when you just need a Spawner to progress in your game, and you can’t find any!

Today we are here to see how to get ANY Mob Spawner in Minecraft using commands. Let’s start!

minecraft spawner command

How to find Spawners

We already covered how to find every Mob Spawner in Minecraft without using commands here. Note that we will see how using commands will let us have more kinds of Mob Spawners than the ones normally available.

How to get it – commands

To use commands you will need to have cheats allowed in your Minecraft world. If cheats are not allowed in your world, there is a workaround. You can check here how to still use cheats in that Minecraft world.

To get a Spawner you need to open the commands and type:

/give @p minecraft:spawner

This command will make a Spawner appear in your inventory.

minecraft spawner

How to get every Spawner

To have any Spawner in Minecraft, you first need to place the Spawner. You’ll notice that when placed it will become a Pig Spawner.

You can’t usually find Pig Spawners in Vanilla Minecraft single player, unless some bug during the terrain generation put a Pig Spawner in place of a regular Spawner (like a Zombie Spawner for example).

You can turn the Pig Spawner into another type of Mob Spawner by using a Spawn Egg. The quickest way to get the Spawn Egg of the mob of your choice is switching to Creative mode. To do so, open the commands and type:

/gamemode creative

Then press E to open the Inventory and click on the Search Items tab.

search items minecraft creative

Then type “spawn”. You will see all the available Mob Spawn Eggs.

minecraft spawn eggs

Now, if for example you want to have a Zombie Spawner, get a Zombie Spawn Egg and right-click on the Pig Spawner while holding the Zombie Spawn Egg in your hand. This will turn it into a Zombie Spawner.

zombie spawner

You can do this again using another Spawn Egg. You can check all the Spawn Eggs and see how many possibilities there are.

In fact, as explained in How to find ALL Mob Spawners in Minecraft, you can only find Spawners of the following mobs in a normal game:

But using this method you will be able to create Spawners of many more mobs:

minecraft mob spawners

For example in the screenshot above you can easily notice the Mooshroom Spawner on the bottom left and the Guardian Spawner right next to it. Both Spawners are not possible to find in a normal game.


You can get a Pig Spawner by using the give command. Once you have it, you can turn it into any type of Mob Spawner by using a Spawner Egg on it. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!

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