Everything about the Punch enchantment in Minecraft: is it worth it?

Among all the enchantments that you can apply to your favorite Bow, there is one that divides the Minecraft players: the Punch enchantment. This enchantment pushes away your enemies when you hit them with an Arrow, something that is not always useful or needed.

We are here today to see if the Punch enchantment is worth your time, how to get it, how to use it properly and more. Let’s start.

punch minecraft

What it does

If you shoot an Arrow to a mob or a player and hit them, they will receive an increased knockback. This means that they will be pushed away from you by 3 or 6 blocks more than the base knockback. The base knockback can vary, depending on the mob or player’s knockback resistance: for example, Iron Golems, Shulkers and the Ender Dragon are immune to knockback.

If your targets are going to be pushed by 3 blocks or by 6 blocks depends on the level of the Push enchantment: level I Push gives an extra 3 blocks knockback, level II Push (the maximum level) gives an extra 6 blocks knockback.

The Push enchantment gives the exact same benefit of the Knockback enchantment, that you can apply to Swords.

Note that the Push enchantment does not increase the damage dealt with your Bow.

Is it worth it?

The Punch enchantment can be quite situational, is not an enchantment that you always want on your Bow by default.

It can be very annoying to push away enemies that are running away from you, giving them extra distance. A Push enchanted Bow is not suited for chasing enemies, but it can be helpful when you are being chased or when you are surrounded by enemies, so that you can give yourself extra space.

You can also use a Push enchanted Bow to perform Arrow jumps, particularly useful in PvP to surprise your enemies. If you don’t know what an Arrow jump is, check this video tutorial:

How to get it

We already covered how to get every enchantment in the article How to get Silk Touch easily. The methods explained in that article will work for Push as well.

If instead you want to get this enchantment using cheats, you just need to check below.

How to get it – commands

You can enchant a Bow with the Push enchantment using cheats. To do so, keep the Bow in your hand, open the commands and type:

/enchant @p punch 2

If you want to enchant your Bow with Punch I, you just need to change the ‘2’ with ‘1’.


Punch doesn’t have any incompatibility. This means that enchanting s Bow with Punch doesn’t stop you from applying other enchantments as well to the same enchanted item.


This is everything you should know about the Push enchantment. It can help (expecially in PvP, also thanks to the Arrow jump trick), but it’s not the enchantment that you always want on your Bow. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!

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