All the white blocks in Minecraft

There are so many different blocks in Minecraft! When it comes to just play and survive, the blocks needed are pretty straightforward. But when we want to build and decorate, there is so much choice that it becomes difficult to focus.

Separating blocks by their colors is surely a good start and today we are going to check all the white blocks. We will also try to see how to obtain them and where they would fit best. Let’s start by showing them.

minecraft white blocks

Further below you will see all of them better, from different points of view. Some of them have also different variations, like Chiseled Quartz Block or End Stone Brick Slabs for example.

Bone block

minecraft bone block

We are not seeing the Bone block first because of an alphabetic order. Bone blocks come from Bone Meal, which is primarily used to make plants and vegetables grow faster. It can also be used to obtain White Dye (through crafting, as you can see below), which is what we are interested in now: in this article we are going to see how to use White Dye to change the color of other blocks.

minecraft white dye crafting recipe

Bone Meal is obtained from Bones, which you will mostly get from killing Skeletons.

minecraft bone meal crafting recipe

You can craft Bone blocks by putting 9 Bone Meals in the Crafting Table.

minecraft bone block crafting recipe

Bone blocks naturally generate in Desert, Swamp and Soul Sand Valley biomes (the last one is in the Nether) as part of fossil structures.

As you can see from the first of the screenshots above, Bone blocks show a different look on their top and bottom sides (but you can also place them horizontally to change the way they will look).

White Terracotta

This block is the least white of them. It made it to the list just because its name says “white”, but it actually looks quite pink if compared to the other blocks.

minecraft white terracotta

You can find plenty of White Terracotta in Badlands biomes. You can also smelt Clay (which you can find underwater, close to shores) in a Furnace to obtain regular Terracotta (related to Clay: How to find Diamonds in Minecraft with the Clay trick [2022])

minecraft terracotta smelting

Then you can use White Dye to get White Terracotta.

minecraft white terracotta crafting recipe

White Wool

minecraft white wool

White Wool is probably the first block of this list that you are going to get through a Minecraft run, since it is part of the Bed recipe. You can get it as loot when you kill Sheeps.

Otherwise you can put together 4 Strings, that you can get by killing Spiders or by breaking Cobwebs while using a Sword (related topic: Do Spiders take fall damage in Minecraft?).

minecraft white wool crafting recipe

Mushroom Stem

minecraft mushroom stem

The only way to get Mushroom Stem blocks is by breaking a Huge Mushroom (see more: How to get Mushroom blocks in Minecraft?).

You can find Huge Mushrooms in Dark Forest and Mushroom Fields biomes. You can also use Bone Meal on normal Mushrooms to make them grow into Huge Mushrooms:

End Stone

minecraft endstone

You can find plenty of End Stone in the End. If it’s too soon for you to go and fight the End Dragon, you can always use commands to get there (as explained in Everything about End Rod).

You can use End Stone to make another white block, End Stone Brick.

minecraft endstone brick crafting recipe
minecraft endstone brick

Then you can use End Stone Brick to craft End Stone Brick Slab and Stairs

minecraft endstone brick slab crafting recipe
minecraft endstone brick stairs crafting recipe
minecraft endstone brick slabs and stairs

and End Stone Brick Wall.

minecraft endstone brick wall crafting recipe
minecraft endstone brick wall


minecraft snow

You can check out the article Everything about Snow Layers, where we discussed how to find and use this block. Snow gives you also the interesting Snow Layer, which can stack up to 8 times to form tchicker layers.

minecraft multiple snow layers

Quartz blocks

minecraft quartz

You can craft Quartz blocks by putting together 4 Nether Quartz, that you can easily find in the Nether.

minecraft quartz block crafting recipe

You can obtain other versions of Quartz block by using a Stonecutter. To craft a Stonecutter you need 3 Stone blocks and 1 Iron Ingot. You can get the Stone blocks by either smelting Cobblestone or using a Silk Touch enchanted Pickaxe.

minecraft stonecutter recipe

Then by using the Stonecutter you can make Chiseled Quartz (related: How to make Chiseled Stone Brick in 2 different ways)

minecraft chiseled quartz

Quartz Brick

minecraft quartz brick

and Quartz Pillar which, like Bone blocks, shows a different look on its top and bottom sides.

minecraft quartz pillar

If you want to build a Greek looking temple, Quartz Pillar is an obvious choice.

White Concrete

minecraft white concrete

To get White Concrete you need a White Concrete Powder block to come into contact with water.

You can craft White Concrete Powder with 4 Sand blocks, 4 Gravel blocks and 1 White Dye (which will make it white. Otherwise you can use other dyes to have different colors of Concrete)

minecraft white concrete powder recipe

White Stained Glass

minecraft white stained glass

The last block is another one that made it here because of its name. It is indeed white, but is also the only transparent one of the list.

To get White Stained Glass, you just need to put together Glass blocks and White Dye.

minecraft white stained glass crafting recipe