Do Spiders take fall damage in Minecraft? [Explained]

We all agree, Spiders in Minecraft are quite intimadating mobs to encounter, at because of how they look. They seem like a fat little zombie that crawls and hides in caves all day. But what if they fall? Do Spiders take fall damage in Minecraft? Or do they get on their feet like in the real world?

Unlike real worlds, Spiders do take fall damage in Minecraft. they could even die if they fall from 20 blocks of height. However, they don’t take damage if they fall on cobwebs or water blocks.

Do spiders take fall damage?

In-depth answer: do Spiders take fall damage in Minecraft?

Yes, they take fall damage in Minecraft. Meanwhile, sometimes Spiders don’t take fall damage depending upon the surface.

To be specific, Spiders are one of the vulnerable mobs within Minecraft. they only need around 20 blocks of fall height to die instantly. Compared to other mobs, Spiders don’t have higher health at all.

What Is Fall Damage in Minecraft?

Fall damage is the damage a character or mob takes when it falls from high up down toward the ground. Fall damage occurs if the distance of the fall crosses a fixed boundary. The greater the distance of the fall, the more damage will be taken.

What mobs take Fall Damage in Minecraft?

Other mobs, such as the Skeletons, Creepers, and Zombies, also take fall damage (related topic: Can Zombies break Doors in Minecraft?). Similar to the Spider, they could also die if they fall from high enough. In absolute numbers, if they fall from 22 blocks, they die due to fall damage.

This is the principle behind the fall damage grinders:

But there are other mobs, like Cats and Ocelots for example, that do not get harmed by falling from heights. Instead, they are immune to any fall damage. Plus, they have some behavioral instinct to avoid high cliff edges at any cost.

The hostile mobs that are immune to fall damage are:

Instead, the passive mobs that are immune to fall damage are:

How much Fall Damage do players take in Minecraft?

A player will die if they fall from 23 blocks, even if the player starts full health.

You will take fall damage when you fall from a distance greater than three blocks. Height is the changeable amount that matters when regulating how much harm a fall will generate; speed is not a factor here.

How does Minecraft calculate Fall Damage?

The calculation is done with a very simple formula. The damage is equal to the number of blocks you fell from, minus 3. So, falling from 4 blocks will deal 1 damage (half heart), falling from 5 blocks will deal 2 damage and so on.

When don’t Spiders take Fall Damage in Minecraft?

In some cases, Spiders don’t take fall damage in Minecraft. For example, if a Spider falls onto cobwebs, it doesn’t take any fall damage at all. Usually, cobwebs are present around the Spider in the cave.

At the same time, Spiders can cling to walls. Hence, they could quickly reduce the fall damage by clinging to the wall. Similarly, if the Spider falls into a block of water, then the fall damage will be 0.

What are Spiders in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Spiders are a neutral mob. Spiders are aggressive mobs as long as the light level around them is 11 or less. Spiders do not attack the player in Minecraft when it is not dark. Lighting up areas can keep Spiders away; they tend to hide in dark places.

On the other hand, Spiders do not catch fire in the presence of the sun.

In the light, Spiders do not show aggressiveness unless they are provoked. Spiders leap over barriers, which makes them tough to enclose, and also have the potential to mount up walls.

Can Spiders deal you damage in Minecraft?

Spiders in Minecraft can deal you damage. But, of course, the damage you get all depends upon the difficulty level you are playing. In simpler words, the damage could range across 2 to 4 Hearts (4 only in the Bedrock edition).

LevelDamage Count
Easy Difficulty2 Heart
Normal Difficulty2 Heart
Hard Difficulty3 Heart

Note: If you are playing Minecraft Bedrock addition, you always get 4 Heart damage.


Spiders do take fall damage. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!