Everything about Minecraft Endrod

How can you get an End Rod? And what should you do with this lever-looking block, once you got it? Today we are going to see everything you need to know about Minecraft End Rods.

minecraft end rod

Going to the End and the Nether

We will see that, in order to get an End Rod, you will need to go to both the Nether and the End dimensions. Going to these places requires you to have spent some time in your Minecraft world, but if it’s too soon in your game to go there and you can’t wait to put your hands on an End Rod, you can teleport to these places with the teleport command (if your world has the Cheats turned ON):

/execute in the_end run teleport Jack 0 90 0

/execute in the_nether run teleport Jack 0 90 0

Instead of Jack you need to put your Minecraft account name. The first command teleports you to the End, the second to the Nether. You ca also go back to the Overworld with the command:

/execute in overworld run teleport Jack 0 90 0

0, 90 and 0 are the starting spawn point coordinates, you can change them to teleport yourself wherever you want.

Where to find them

End Rods naturally generate in End Cities, which are big structures that you can find in the End dimension after defeating the Ender Dragon (see also: What Mob gives the most XP in Minecraft?). In fact, after defeating it, an End Gateway will generate near the edge of the main island (where you fought the Dragon).

end gateway
End Gateway

If you throw an Ender Pearl into the Gateway you will end up in an End City.

minecraft end city

Tip: see the floating Ship on the top left of the screenshot above? If you go inside it you will find an Elytra, a very rare item that you can use to fly.

Once in an End City you can explore the building to find many End Rods attached to other blocks.

minecraft endrod

Then you can just break them (with tools or even bare hands) to obtain them.

You can also reach End Cities without using Gateways by building very long bridges from the main island. It is not optimal though: since they could be very far from the main island, making the journey very long.

Crafting recipe

You can also craft End Rods, but one of the two ingredients, the Popped Chorus Fruit, can only be found in End Outer Islands anyway. This means that you will need to go to the End anyway, if you want to get an End Rod (unless you want to use commands, that we will see below).

You can obtain Popped Chorus Fruit by smelting Chorus Fruit in a Furnace. You can obtain Chorus Fruits by breaking a Chorus Plant, which looks like this

chorus plant

and you can find many of them growing in End Outer Islands.

The other crafting ingredient is a Blaze Rod, an item that is also needed to brew potions. You can obtain a Blaze Rod by killing a Blaze, a mob that you can find in Nether Fortresses (related topic: Nether Fortress Bounding Boxes)

Once you have both ingredients you just need to put them together in a Crafting Table.

endrod crafting recipe

And you will obtain 4 End Rods.

How to get it – commands

To get End Rods by using commands, you will need to type the following line in the commands:

/give @p end_rod 1

If this line doesn’t work you can try with:

/give @p end_rod 1 0

Then an End Rod will appear in your inventory.


End Rods require quite a journey to be obtained, but this doesn’t mean that they come with particularly interesting uses. They are mainly uses for decoration purposes.

You can check the following video that shows a variety of very cool looking uses for End Rods.

Other that that, they are light sources that produce a light level of 14, as much as Torches (related topic: Torch spacing in Minecraft). This means that they can also melt Ice and Snow Layers, and they can be used to grow Saplings and crops.

Uses – Helmet

Another interesting use of an End Rod is to use it as an Helmet. To do so, you will need to use the /item replace command to replace your Helmet with an End Rod. To do so, open the commands and type:

/item replace entity @p armor.head with minecraft:end_rod

After doing it, the End Rod will show up on your forehead, making you look like a unicorn (as you can see also on the screenshot at the beginning of the article).

minecraft endrod unicorn