Basics Guide

Hello there and welcome to my Minecraft basics guide. This will take you from 0 to killing the Ender Dragon.

After writing some Minecraft guides and short articles on this website, I couldn’t help but wondering if they could be helpful enough for new players. The problem is that new players will not always be able to make the most of them, because there could be some unkown words and mechanics here and there.

So I thought this to be the best way to see the basics of Minecraft with a natural pace, and every step will also be immediately useful to somebody who is trying to achieve the final goal of this guide: killing the dragon.

Note: I will write this guide for Survival/Harcore mode on the Java version (it shouldn’t be very different on the Bedrock edition, but it’s worth mentioning). I’m also starting this guide in 2021, but many of the game aspects and mechanincs that we are going to see will not change in the immediate future. To be honest, I could have written all this guide 5 years ago without having to update it.

  1. New World generation
  2. First crafting part 1 – Crafting Table and Wooden tools
  3. First crafting part 2 – Furnace and Iron tools
  4. Surviving your first night
  5. Your first base
  6. Farming food
  7. Coming soon: Diamond mining (for now you can check this)