How to duplicate Minecraft items in Creative mode?

To duplicate the Minecraft items in your inventory while in Creative mode, simply click on their icon with the muse wheel. This will give you the maximum stack of the selected item. This is the quikest way to do it, but it obviously works only if you are playing from a pc with a mouse with wheel. So we are going to see how to do it with the use of Shulker Boxes as well, a method that works on every platform. We are also going to see how to duplicate groups of blocks.

how to duplicate items in minecraft creative

How to duplicate items in Creative mode with the mouse wheel (with screenshots)

Starting from the Survival mode, let’s say that you want to duplicate a valuable item that you just acquired, like the Smite enchanted Diamond Sword in the example below.

First of all, you need to switch to Creative mode. To do so, open the commands and type:

/gamemode creative

If cheats are not allowed in your world, there is a workaround. You can check here how to still use cheats in that Minecraft world. Once in Creative mode, open the inventory and hover the mouse on the item that you want to duplicate.

minecraft enchanted diamond sword

Then click with the mouse wheel.

minecraft duplicate item

As you can see, now you will have the maximum stash of the same item for you to place in your inventory. In this example the maximum amount is 1, because that is the Swords maximum stash (like for all the other tools). If we do the same for a block of Dirt instead, we will end up with 64 more blocks:

minecraft duplicate maximum stash item

How to duplicate items in Creative on Minecraft Bedrock edition

The trick here is to use Shulker Boxes because, as you probably know, you can break and pick up Shulker Boxes and they will keep the items that you put inside them. This will work on the Bedrock edition and for all the other platforms where you can’t use a mouse. It works on the Java edition as well.

So, to duplicate items the first step is to get or craft a Shulker Box. To craft a Shulker Box you will need a Chest and 2 Shulker Shells. You can get Shulker Shells by killing Shulkers, hostile mobs that you can find on End Outer Islands.

minecraft shulker
a Shulker

To craft a Chest you will need 8 Wooden Planks (of any kind of Wood):

minecraft chest crafting recipe

Then, once you have the Chest and the Shulker Shells, you can put them together this way in the Crafting Table:

shulker box crafting recipe

Otherwise you can just get the Shulker Box from the Creative inventory.

minecraft shulker box

The next step is to place down the Shulker Box. Then open it and put inside it the item that you want to duplicate.

shulker box inventory

Now all you have to do is to break the Shulker Box and take it as it drops as an item.

minecraft shulker box drop

In Creative mode you can place the same block several times. So, once you have your Shulker Box with the item inside, place it down as many times as you want.

minecraft shulker box placed

If you check the newly created Shulker Boxes, you’ll see that the item that you want to duplicate will be in all of them. You can also see it if you move your mouse over the Shulker Box in your inventory.

shulker box content

How to duplicate groups of blocks

If what you wanted to do is duplicate groups of blocks, the best way to do it is by using a third party software or a dedicated Minecraft mod or plugin.

MCEdit was considered one of the best, if not the best, open source Minecraft map editor. You can still use it for many different kinds of editing on a Minecraft saved map such as:

  • generate terrain
  • moving parts
  • putting together sections of different worlds to create something new

and much more. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t work on maps from versions after the 1.13 patch (the Aquatic Update). If you want to know more about this topic, you can check Best MCEdit alternatives in 2022.


The quickest way to duplicate the Minecraft items in your inventory while in Creative mode is clicking on their icon with the muse wheel. Otherwise, you can use Shulker Boxes if you are not playing on the Java version or you don’t have the mouse wheel. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here See you and take care!