How to earn free Minecoins: 4 ways tested in 2023

Why pay for Minecoins when you can have them for free? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to earn them without spending a dime. They require a little investment of your time and, if you try them all, you could end up with more Minecoins than what you needed. Let’s not waste any time and get into it.

how to earn minecoins

What are Minecoins for?

Minecoins are an in-game currency that you can use to purchase many different kinds of Minecraft content from the store. Examples of that are: skins, texture packs, worlds, crates and more. It’s also a good way to buy buildings blueprints to use and combine with MCEdit-like softwares.

How to earn Minecoins: rewards networks

It is possible to earn Minecoins through the many reward systems websites and apps that you can find online. The most relevant and reliable ones are:

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • PointsPrizes
  • Bing Rewards
  • Appkarma (app)
  • Feature Points (app)
  • Life Points Panel (app)
  • Easy Cash Rewards (it’s an app. This is not an affiliated link, I just thought that by googling a name like this you could find many different things, and I don’t want to get anybody confused)

To start with them, just google their name and click on the first results. It’s very easy to find them and it’s very easy to join them once you are on their websites.

They can work in different ways, but the concept is the same. For example Pointprizes gives you rewards in the form of gift codes, while Google Opinion Rewards gives you money in Google Play credit. Potato, Potahto.

Some of them will give you rewards as soon as you register. In all of them you will get daily rewards by doing online surveys and quizzes, playing games and watching promotional videos. The surveys usually pay more if you are a US or EU citizen.

You can also earn rewards by referring these websites to other people.

Your bonuses can be very versatile. For example in PointsPrizes you can get gift codes for many different platforms:

PointsPrizes rewards

So if you’re not only interested in earning Minecoins, this is good to know.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is another rewards program that gives you points after you completed specific tasks, just like the others. But since this is a specificly Microsoft reward system, you can earn more Minceoins here by spending the same amount of time than on the other rewards websites. So, if you are only interested in earning Minecoins, you should come here first

To start with this reward program all you have to do is google “Microsoft Rewards” and go to its page. You will need a Microsoft account, which is also required to play Minecraft so the chances are that you already have one.

Contests and Give-aways

Many Youtube channels specialized in Minecraft will give Minecoins for free in their give-aways. This doesn’t happen everyday though. You also need to find the specific youtubers that do it and, on top of that, you have to be lucky to win the contests.

That’s why it is not a reliable and consistent way to get Minecoins, but it was worth mentioning this method.

Minecraft Marketplace

If you created something unique or valuable in Minecraft, other players might be interested in buying it from you. So if you want to sell your creations, you can apply to become a Minecraft Marketplace partner. Marketplace partners can sell their digital Minecraft assets (like maps, mods and buildings for example) in exchange of Minecoins.

So if you are a creative person, you like to experiment and you have many different creations stored in your Minecraft games, this could be a good way to monetize it.

To become a Marketplace partner you need to follow this link, fill a form and wait for the approval. You can start selling your creations right after receiving the green light.

Beware of shortcuts

Be careful when you try to find quick ways to earn Minecoins online. It is very easy to find on Google or Youtube ways to get infinite Minecoins through glitches or generator websites. Needless to say, those dodgy methods don’t work. Those methods are shared by people that want you to click on their website or their Youtube channel for an easy view.

Sometimes they could be even trying to scam you in other worse ways. The methods that we discussed here take their time, but they are 100% safe and reliable. It is better to invest your time in something sure than waste it in false promises.