How to make a Diamond Sword in Minecraft?

All right, Netherite is stronger, but nobody can deny how iconic the Diamond Sword is. It is the image of Minecraft as much as the Creeper and the block of Dirt.

  • To make a Diamond Sword you will need 2 Diamonds and a Stick
  • Place the Stick at the bottom of the grid on a Crafting Table
  • Put a Diamond above the Stick and the second Diamond above the first Diamond
how to make diamond sword in minecraft

Let’s now see how to get the Diamonds (the quickest way possible) and the Sticks to craft your Diamond Sword!

How to get many Diamonds

Obviously getting the Diamonds wil be the hard part. The most popular way to get large amounts of Diamonds in Minecraft is strip mining (although there are easier ways).

To execute strip mining you need to go down to at least Y=-50, since Diamonds spawn more densely between -50 and -64. To avoid Bedrock, which would make the process longer and more annoying, you should mine tunnels at level -58 and -59 (your feet being at Y=-59 and your head at Y=-58).

To check the Y level, you can press F3:

Y level Minecraft

In the screenshot above for example, the Y level of the feet is 68.

The concept of strip mining is simple. First you need to create a long main tunnel:

strip mining minecraft main tunnel

From there, you then have to branch out with additional tunnels at the sides of the main tunnel. Those side tunnels will need to have two blocks between each other:

strip mining minecraft

By doing this, you will expose a large area of blocks while mining the least amount of blocks.

Keep in mind that by strip mining you will also obtain large quantities of materials like Redstone, Gold and other Ores.

You will also need many Torches to light up the area. To know how to properly space Torches in order to avoid mobs soawning in your tunnel, you can check Torch spacing: how to do it efficiently in Minecraft?.

How to get Diamonds – tricks

Strip mining can get very repetitive and tedious after a while. If you feel like you are getting crazy after spending hours mining tunnels, you can also try other methods to obrain Diamonds, like the Lapis Diamond trick and the Clay Diamond trick.

How to get Sticks

You can get the Sticks from blocks of Wood that you obtain when you or from Wooden Planks (of any type of wood).

To get Wooden Planks you will need to find a tree.

minecraft tree

Get close to the tree and left-click on its trunk. Your character will start hitting the wooden trunk, which will start to break.

minecraft breaking a tree

After a few seconds the block that you were hitting will break and it will drop.

minecraft dropped wood
When an item is dropped, it will look like this: basically a smaller version of itself, which will float on the ground

Now if you walk on it, the dropped block will be added to your inventory. This block is not Wooden Plank, but regular Wood.

To turn it into Wooden Planks, open your inventory by pressing E:

minecraft inventory

Then place the Wood blocks in your basic crafting area. To move items in your inventory and placing them in other slots, like the crafting area, just left-click on them and then left-click on where you want to them them to.

Each Wood block will turn into 4 Wooden Planks.

minecraft wooden planks crafting


After you gathered 2 Diamonds and one Stick, all you have to do is place the Stick at the bottom of the grid on a Crafting Table, then put the two Diamonds above it. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!