Where is the Minecraft folder on Mac?

Players need to get their Minecraft saving files for many different reasons: they want to do a backup, they need to solve a level.dat file problem, to turn off the tutorial, or maybe to install a mod, like MCEdit or its alternatives for example.

On MacOS you can find the saved games files at the following location:

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

You can get there in different ways:

  • You can access it from Finder. Pull down the Go menu, hold Option and select Library. Then go to Application Support and then Minecraft
  • You can copy the path above, press Command+Shift+G (Finder’s Go To Folder) and paste it. You can also do the same after pressing Command+space (Spotlight).
minecraft folder mac

Hidden folder

The Minecraft installation is located here:

<Startvolume>/Users/<User>/Library/Application Support/minecraft

If you can’t find it, chances are that the Library folder is hidden. You can then try to type in Terminal:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

Then you should be able to find the folder as we described before.


To find the Minecraft folder on your Mac, go to ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft with the Finder. If the Library folder is hidden you can try to unhide it by typing chflags nohidden ~/Library in the Terminal. Thank you very much for reading the article this far and I hope I’ll see you again around here. See you and take care!

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